Start Preparing for Storms of Any Size

When a hurricane is coming, preparation is key. The strong winds and heavy rains that accompany them can wreak havoc. Weather channels can predict hurricanes with accuracy, so listen regularly to radio or watch TV for weather broadcasts. This alerts you to hurricanes that may affect you, allowing you to prepare more efficiently.

If your house has a dry basement, that is a good place for you to take shelter. If not, perhaps you can seek shelter during the storm at the home of a friend or relative or at a local shelter. Leaving your home is important if mandatory evacuation is ordered. If riding out the storm in your home, make sure to secure any lose objects in the yard, and close storm shutters, if you have them. If not, apply masking tape to your windows in an X to provide extra strength to the glass. Alternatively, you can use boards to cover the windows.

Make sure that you have enough food and water on hand for your family to last for several days. If you lose power, your faucets and toilets may not work. Your electric stove is useless too, so have food on hand that does not need cooking, or have an alternate cooking method. Sometimes a wind speed gauge is also useful when you are awaiting the storm and need to know how bad the winds are getting. Keep flashlights and batteries handy as well as candles and/or propane lanterns. Ideally, you can have a generator installed to supply back up power when the power fails. Safety is your priority during a hurricane, so take steps well in advance to make sure that you and your family remain safe.